3 Places with Most UFOs and Aliens Sightings

UFO Trail in San Clemente

UFOs and aliens sightings have been infamous topic for decades now. The sightings alone are reported to be abundant and they appear to be regular now. The location of the sighting can be anywhere and it can happen anytime. However these places seem to be the aliens’ favorite.

Chile has clear skies with minimal stage of air pollution. It also has high altitude ridges, and low humidity. Under the authority of the Chilean Air Force, CEFAA is built to investigate aerial phenomenon including UFOs and aliens sightings. The reports generated from the study are pretty overwhelming.
UFOs are reported to appear around the country more often than in any other countries. The sightings seem to be a regular task for the UFO occupants. While this place is the favorite place for UFO seekers until today, it seems to be a favorite destination for the aliens and UFOs as well.

UFO Trail in San Clemente
The trail is built for good reasons instead of hyperbolic factor. It is reported that there are hundreds of UFOs sightings on the area alone. It is so much that it commonly appears at least once a week. People are allowed to see the location, to experience closest encounters to the phenomenon if they are lucky.
The trail includes El Enladrillado. It is a bizarre flat area constructed by volcanic blocks with perfect cut. These blocks are claimed to be set by ancient civilization. We and can visit the area after riding the horseback for four hours. This place is claimed to be the landing area of the UFOs.

Wiltshire England

Wiltshire England
This pre historic site is already infamous without sightings reports around the area. If you walk around a mile from the Stonehenge, you will find an area where you will find many sightings of UFOs. The sightings include flying object in a disc shape. This is maybe closely related to the Stonehenge.
The historic monument is supposedly built by the ancient aliens as a landmark or a landing site for their aircraft. Most possibly the 1300 BC ancient giant stones are the location marker. It isn’t proven yet but it sounds logical with the prehistoric monument.

If you are interested in UFOs and aliens, you should consider visiting these three places. With the area is also opened for tourists, it is possible that you get to experience terrestrial phenomenon. Which site you are going to visit first?

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