3 Reasons Why They Still Conduct Research on Alien

Conduct Research on Alien

The talk of alien visiting has been around for decades and it has never been answered yet. Looking at several facilities that are said built for this research and how they are well guarded, there is research and hidden report on this. Here are the reasons why they sustain this kind of research until today.

Invasion Potential
The first thing all governments can think of about the alien visit is invading the earth for their new home, demolishing the human race. This idea alone without the details or data is already terrifying even for a powerful country. This is probably the same idea the governments have been concerning about.

If those alien visits are real, human race technology and civilization are behind, and this isn’t an ideal condition to fight back if those aliens decide to invade earth. The alien research is then continued to make us more prepared. However the research report is classified for probably security reason.

Thirst of Data
It is fact that the aliens seem to love playing poke and run game. They make sightings here and there from time to time. Several alien research reports show that these sightings have been regular between 6 to 7 years. So it is clear, they are free to get in and out of the earth atmosphere anytime they want.

The fact that there seems to be no contact with them without their plane being crashed accidentally, our scientists are thirsty with data. They need to know more and they hope to finally catch these aliens purposefully and feed their research with significant findings.

Cloning the Technology
It is clear that the aliens bring with them their awesome technology. They can get into our air area without any significant damage, or probably not at all, and they can look around without being captured, unless they get an accident. The advanced technology must be behind them.

The research on alien is continued so the scientists that love can grab the chance to learn the technology and probably cloning it for the sake of human race. Maybe, this is also the only so we can fight back if the aliens decide to invade. There is no hurt in learning a new thing anyway.

So, yes. Researches on aliens are still continued, but the reports are mostly classified. There can be only benefits from conducting the researches, and this explains why several powerful countries set huge budget for alien research. Fascinating!

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