Contact Clock

Current Status: 05 minutes to midnight

Jan 01, 2016 - The Contact Clock has been forwarded five minutes closer to Midnight. The EIRM indicates a high probability that there will be major revelations in late 2016. This activity will be on a scale that will exceed what TOR has often described as the mass-social-quantum-threshold, a change in the public awareness of such a degree that there are more humans who are aware of ET/UFO activity than there are those who are unaware. Exactly what will happen and how this threshold will be exceeded is an unknown, but it has been suggested that "everything changes" and Earth society will begin to deviate strongly from the current military-industrial-complex mode. Caution with expectations: this migration from a military-industrial-complex society to an open-educated-ET-aware society will likely take some decades to fully resolve - however we believe there will be a rather well-defined moment of days or weeks in which all people will have access to concrete information which offers a "knowing" and also access to disturbing and revealing levels of SSP and Secret Gov disclosure - thus 2016 and beyond will likely be a complex situation involving rapid transition and parallel long-term transition.


The Official Countdown to Contact Clock which began June 17, 2014 is a real-time countdown to contact between humanity and beings that exist outside of our known reality sphere and is visually represented by the minutes left until the clock hands strike midnight. The TOR Contact Clock is a mirror of the infamous Doomsday Clock which signifies a countdown to nuclear oblivion. The TOR Contact Clock offers an alternative reality belief system in which humanity is not destroyed by the military-industrial-complex mindset, but alternatively, glides into a parallel reality in which humanity shrugs off the old, barbaric ways and enters into a final stretch of open contact and strong relationships with peaceful galactic neighboring civilizations.

The Object Report is an uncompromising source of raw news as the contact phenomenon unfolds. The current focus of The Object Report is upon breaking UFO headline news and verifiable UFO sightings, ET encounters and video recordings of possible extraterrestrial craft. The Object Report is non-profit public service under the direction of Agent D and Agent K.