Is There Any Report on UFO by Astronomers?

Report on UFO by Astronomers

UFO sightings have always been controversial. It is terrifying and exciting at the same time. This flying object must come from outside there, and it is only logical that one of the astronomers should have been witness it too. Is there any report of if from the astronomers? Let’s dig more.

There is a Report from Them
Petter Sturrock is a space science and astrophysics professor at the Stanford University. In 1977, he spread a questionnaire for his research on the same question of this article title. He sent 2,611 email to American Astronomical Society asking if they ever experienced UFO sightings. The result is amusing.
He got back 1,356 responses. There are 62 astronomers in that number and it means 4.6% of total respondents. They claim to witness such aerial phenomenon. This number seems logical considering the 5% UFO sightings that were remain unexplained. So yes, our astronomers see them too.

Who are These Astronomers?
As we can see from the UFO sightings pattern, these astronomers are mostly night sky watchers. While there are reports on UFO sightings during the day, the night sky seems to reveal them more and it seems the UFO pilot likes the dark too.
These astronomers are even more willing to be involved in the study if there is a possible way to do it. However, 20% of them agree not to continue this judi bola study while more than a half is more than excited to continue. As we can guess, mostly young scientists are the ones who want the study to be continued.

What They Actually See?
The report on the shape can be overwhelming. While they are mostly consistent with the common shape we know, many others see different shape as well like a guitar for example. Regardless the shape, this object is moving and some time floating in a certain area, then suddenly vanished in a speedy flight.
This object is seen through a telescope, and they are commonly watching the night sky when the UFO gets into the telescope sight range. If things like this happen many times and there is consistency in it, it is serious.

Now that astronomers see them too, research and study on alien should be continued for, at least, knowledge sake. The consistency and reports are too serious to be ignored. If the astronomers know it, then we should learn more on it. Don’t you think so?

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