Methodological Issues with Ufology


The thing that does the most harm to scientific UFO research is the fact that the object that is currently being under observation does not typically make appearances that are predictable at a time and place researchers are feeling convenient about. Diana Palmer Hoyt, an ufologist, states that, in many cases, UFO problem is a lot like problems found in meteorology rather than in physics. UFO problems are often observed, occur in an episodic manner, are not capable of being reproduced, and in many fronts are identified using data gathered that are then organized into patterns. UFO problems, according to Hoyt, are not replicable experiment done at will at the laboratory under conditions that are controlled.

Skeptics, on the other hand, argue that UFOs are not problems of scientific nature at all. There is no evidence for the problems that is physically observed and tangible to study. Barry Markovsky says that most UFO sightings have mundane explanations, as they turn out, when put under scrutiny and examination by qualified investigators from The compartmentalized of UFO studies, according to Peter A. Sturrock should follow some activities.

Field investigations should lead to the documentation of case and physical evidence measurement and retrieval. Said physical evidence should then be analyzed at the laboratory. And then, in order to look for patterns and extract significant facts, the compilations of data should be investigated systematically and analyzed thoroughly. Only after these activities commence can theories be developed and facts should form the basis for the evaluation of those theories.

It is argued that ufology as a field of study has spawned to groups of mindsets. One group consists of investigators that seek to convince the unbelievers and gain legitimacy intellectually through systematic study using scientific method. The other group is composed of those who view that follow-up questions regarding UFOs are more important than an academic standing.

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