Pentagon Report on UFO Research

Pentagon Report on UFO Research

The number of research on UFO keeps increasing. Even the government in the United States cared enough to find more information about this Unidentified Flying Object. The report on UFO research has even been published by many media. Check the following information to see the detail of the report:

The Research Program in Brief
Politico and New York Times have reported that the country’s Department of Defense initiated a shadowy program aimed to conduct a research along with the analysis of UFOs. What the readers need to know is that American was so obsessed with the existence of aliens in the 1990s. The obsession existed before the country surpassed the horror of the real world in the public imagination. This seems to be like a nice throwback.

The research initiative was conducted under the supervision of sinister-sounding label of Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The initiative started in 2007 as the instruction of Harry Reid, the former Senate majority leader. This initiative was also supported by two deceased senators namely Alaska’s Ted Stevens and Hawaii’s Daniel Inouye.

The initiative was run out of Pentagon which was by a military intelligence official named Luis Elizondo. It was officially winded down in the year of 2012. Elizondo along with his colleagues maintained the program to continue the research on UFO regardless of the absence of the funding from the government. The program was then continued the research with the help of CIA and the Navy.

The Cost of the Research
This research was indeed not a small research. It did require lots of money to really succeed the research. So, how much money did the research need?

The program’s heyday revealed that the study used about $22 million. That amount of money was used to study various phenomena that were related to space. Those phenomena were said to be not easily to be explained because they involved appearance of unidentified aircraft and high speed, all of which often unusually maneuvered fast. That appearance seems to defy the physics law, as how Politico stated.

The program of the research was also funded by Pentagon. The officials of Pentagon stated that they believed that the unidentified aircraft might be some ultra-high-tech products of Russia or China that deserved further examination.

The UFO research is indeed complicated while it is also super costly. Have you ever imagined that this research as an attempt to fulfill the America’s big obsession could be that expensive? Hopefully there will be more updates on the existence of UFO soon from the researchers.

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