Robertson Panel and Condon Committee

Robertson Panel and Condon Committee

Before investigations into UFOs were officially terminated by the government, the CIA was interested in this subject as they viewed it as an issue of national security. The CIA then formed a committee to observe UFO data. Mathematician and physicist Howard P. Robertson led the panel, which held meetings from January 14 to 17, 1053.

After the meetings, the panel had come to a unanimous conclusion that sightings of UFO were not a direct threat to national security. The panel also added emphasis on the importance of the presence of a policy of public education on the lack of evidence behind UFOs. Another recommendation made by the panel included monitoring of private UFO groups for activities deemed as being subversive.

Recommendations of the Robertson Panel were put into action through a series of special military regulations. The Joint-Army-Navy-Air Force Publication 146 (JANAP 146) in December 1953 stated that any publication of UFO sightings were a crime under the Espionage Act.

The revision of the Air Force Regulation 200-2 (AFR 200-2) of 1954 stated that all reports of UFO sightings to the USAF are to be treated as classified. Revision of AFR 200-2 of February 1958 gave permission for the military to give to the FBI the names of people who bring UFOs to public attention.

Robertson Panel and Condon CommitteeThe Condon Committee put the final nail in the coffin. It ended all official investigations into UFO as the USAF wished to terminate all involvement with UFOs. The USAF contracted physicist Edward U.

Condon to conduct investigations into some sighting case and to recommended what to do about the future of the Project Blue Book, the last official study of UFO. After investigating 91 cases, 30% of which was unidentified, the committee concluded that there was not clear evidence to the connection between UFO and extraterrestrial spacecraft. The report by the ended the life of Project Blue Book in December 1969.

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