Studies of UFO outside the United States


GEIPAN is one of the remaining government official investigations still present today. The project was formed in 1977 and originally named Groupe d’Etudes de Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non identifies (GEPAN) before changing to Service d’expertise de rentree atmospherique Phenom (SERPA) in 1988, before settling with Groupe d’etudes et d’informations sur les phenomenes aerospatiaux non identifies (GEIPAN) in 2005. GEIPAN was established directly under the French Space Agency CNES Director General. GEIPAN found the same thing as other projects of other countries did: That a large amount of recorded cases of UFO sightings had mundane explanation. However, in 2007, following a 30-year investigation, about 28% of the total cases are still unexplained and of Type D category. In April 2010, GEIPAN found out that 23% of total cases were of Type D.

The PM of Grenada, Eric Gairy, lobbied the UN General Assembly to address UFO issues in the late 1970s. A panel was held on July 14, 1978 in order that the UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim could be informed about this issue. As a result of this meeting, the UN decided that an agency or a department on the UN needed to be established to undertake, coordinate, and disseminate results of research into UFOs and related occurrences.

Project Hessdalen was formed in Hessdalen, Norway and has been an ongoing effort to investigate UFO since 1981. The area near Hesdallen has been a location where unidentified objects commonly observed. The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment provides support and technical assistance for the project along with the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen. Project Hessdalen also received support from Project Embla from 1999 t0 2004. EMBLA as composed of Italian scientists with Ph.D. Massimo Teodorani of the Instituto di Radioastronomia di Bologna as its leader. Project EMBLA speculated that atmospheric plasma is the source of UFO reports in Hessdalen.

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