UFO Reports and Ufology

UFO Reports and Ufology

When talking about UFO and reports of UFO, sightings are probably the most common type of occurrence that people are encountering. However, to say that people only report what they have seen as the sole source for the formation of ufology is rather incorrect.

While UFO sightings are indeed the primary interest, other phenomena have also been observed and thought to be related to UFO. These phenomena in question include alien abduction and implants, cattle mutilations, and crop circles. Some areas of ufology have also touched the territory of conspiracy theory such as the alleged 1947 Roswell UFO incident, UFO disclosure advocates, and the Majestic12 documents.

Skeptic Robert Sheaffer says that within ufology there is this trend of increasingly sensational ideas that is becoming more and more popular. James McDonald has also expressed his concern regarding ufology, stating that issues and problems in ufology are the one factor that has prevented serious academics and scientists from investigating the matter of UFO to a point where it may have led them into thinking that both cultism and wishful thinking are not related to the central focus of the UFO problem. McDonald also claims that the number of prominent scientists are increasing in terms of thinking that only crazy people see UFOs.

Peter A. Sturrock conducted a survey in 1973 among members of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in San Francisco. The survey discovered that most subjects claimed that UFOs don’t represent a phenomenon of scientific significance. In a later survey of a larger scope conducted among members of the American Astronomical Society, the question of whether or not UFO problems deserve scientific approaches was met with a variety of answers with a diverse percentage. Gert Herb and J. Allen Hynek conducted a survey in 1980 among 1800 members of a variety of amateur astronomer associations. 24% of the surveyed subjects said that they have ever observed UFOs.

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