Why Don’t They Release Their UFO Research?

UFO Research

The idea of us being alone in this universe is kind of sad and very lonely. However, learning from the reaction so far, human seems to be extremely terrified of being visited by terrestrial creatures that are more advanced as well. Is that why they never release any result of their UFO research?

Taboo for Professional Scientists
Taboo is probably the right word to express it. UFO sighting has always been reported as an effect of weather condition, natural phenomenon, or other excuses. If we should find any leaking reports on the UFO research, the governmental department or any other party never confirms it.

For scientists, UFO sightings aren’t repeatable so they can’t conduct continuous research on it. Meanwhile, scientists need reliable data to confirm. It makes things way more challenging while it makes the professional scientists with advanced appearance look incapable. Maybe, they should swallow their pride, if there is real UFO sighting ever.

Potential of Global Chaos
The idea of a visitation by another creature outside earth is too terrifying for anyone. The fact that these creatures driving the UFO have more advanced technology only makes it even worse. Like what we see in movies, people will start to panic and try everything they can think of to save their live, which are maybe not in a real danger, at least yet.
There will be different opinions on this, and countries can fight each other for being in different point of views. Nothing results from this but chaos. OF course, if there is UFO coming, chaos is the last thing the government needs to be prepared.

They Find Nothing Yet
The bitter fact we should swallow is maybe this. The scientists haven’t got anything significant from their research yet. This is logical since UFO sighting is unpredictable and it is never repeatable from the scientists’ side. How can they sustain reliable research on the UFO then?

It also indicates that the alien is far more advanced than we hope, if the entire UFO sightings are real. It must be the advanced technology human can’t compete that prevents more findings on the UFO and where it comes from. There is almost zero possibilities to find something if we aren’t ever near them.

If you are interested in this topic, there are many unofficial UFO researches you can find online. Mostly done by independent scientists and enthusiasts who look on leaking files, photographs, and other proves. Dig it yourself and find the answers.

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